Sunday, 25 November 2007

Christmas Countdown

As she has done in the past for many seasonal occasions Lisa Vollrath is going to do a Chrstmas Printables Countdown where she makes available a printable image - one a day till Christmas!

This will be starting next weekend so if you are into all things Chrismassy - or haven't finished your Christmas cards yet - or like me haven't had a chance to start them yet ! - then go and have a look - you might be inspired - all she asks is that you make a link to her site on your blog or to a group or somewhere before you download pictures - it's a small price to pay :-)

Support this very clever lady.


PS It helps when I include her link!!!!!

Sunday, 18 November 2007


Wow - I did something silly today .... no, it was not card related at all - in fact nothing has been lately as I have been too busy playing working girl but that all comes to and end this week - 3 more days and counting ....
........No, I left the tags hanging out of my new pants that I bought yesterday! .......
When I put them on I was planning to get someone to cut the tags out for me but I totally forgot! Anyway, when my error was pointed out to me I very cleverly said that I was just leaving them there so everyone could see what size I am down to - I don't think I've been this size since High School!!!!
I am hoping to get a chance to create and blog lots next week - but don't hold your breath :-)