Saturday, 28 February 2009

Birthday Card

Well today is sort of my husbands birthday – he is a Leap Day baby and this year as it’s not Leap Year he gets to celebrate today. Here is the card I made for him to celebrate. He is a BIG Star Wars fan and I found this cool pattern online Here.  I think he’s having an ok birthday – pity about the weather.


Friday, 27 February 2009

Anniversary Card

Here is the card I made my husband for our Anniversary last month – I have only just got around to scanning it – mostly because he squirrels the cards I make for him away to work to display on his desk and I had to ask for him to bring it back to scan and it has taken me a week or so to do that.


The checks and the image are all one piece I had in my stash from who knows where and the sentiment is a chipboard sticker from the $2 shop I think. You can’t tell from the scan but I put Dimensional Magic on the balloon and bow so they are very shiny.

Saturday, 21 February 2009



This cake just won the Supreme Award at my husbands works 2009 Bake Off. He asked me to make it and I’m not too sure how honest he was that he hadn’t actually baked it himself – but oh well.

There is a sash (just like Miss World gets but no tiara!) and a cook book for a prize.

It is a Chili, Ginger Chocolate Cake – hence the Red Chili on top of the cake. It is a delicious cake (with an after burn) not for the faint hearted with a tasty Ganache icing – mmmmmmm!

Friday, 13 February 2009

February’s 12 of 12

Well  I had another go at the 12 of 12 thing – didn’t do much though…

Here are the African Violets from our bathroom that are still growing after a year and that flowered just in time for the 12th. The second photo is taken into the mirror.



This is Mister 8’s Venus Fly trap –hasn’t trapped any flies yet though either.


This is the special tree we have at Pippins – which started back for the year today. It has apples hanging from it as apples are our logo.

image                                                                              image

Here is my craft studio – aka junk room – aka Mum’s hole – aka downstairs. This place has more names than it deserves – it needs a really good tidy up though. Maybe one of next months photos will be a tidy studio – we’ll see.


And here is the washing today – last month it was on the line – today it is pouring down!


Here are the treats that the Pippins made for Valentines today  -Hershey’s Kiss mice – so cute!


Miss 6 wanted to make treats for the teachers – on Thursday after Pippins to take to school on Friday – I relented and we made some really cute baggies of goodies – mostly cos we had the goodies there anyway and I would have eaten them otherwise.



And technically these are not from the 12th but the 9th – Mister 8’s birthday… Super Hero Theme cupcakes.


and the web that had to be untangled to find the treasures.


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Creating success in January


I managed to complete 8 ATCs, 12 calendar pages, 2 whimsy’s, 1 12x12 layout, 1 cover, 2 pages and 1 tag for a Circle journal, 1 Scripture card and 32 cards in January!!!! Woohoo, what a great start to the year – long may it continue ….


Monday, 2 February 2009



Carol awarded me this Marie Antoinette award – isn’t she lovely.  I am probably supposed to award some others too but I seem to have been doing that a lot lately and am running out of friends to bestow this upon – who aren’t getting sick of being tagged – but if you are reading this blog and wish to be tagged then here – tag you are it!


imageA while ago Robin awarded me this Kreativ Blogger award. For this one I have to list 7 of my favourite things …

The first day of school after the holidays :-)

The gym

chocolate – causes conflict with the gym but oh well

My family

Creating cards and scrapping and making stuff


Peace and quiet

Now I’m supposed to nominate 7 others – if you want it it’s yours …..

First Day of School

Yeah – I survived the holidays!!!

Here are the kids all ready for the first day of the year. Miss 6 wanted her hair done in a particular style – I’m not too sure that I pulled it off but we’ll see – it probably wont survive till morning tea I’d guess – but she was adamant!

Mr “I’m going to be 8 in one weeks time” finds it very hard to pose for photos – but he tried.