Saturday, 15 December 2007

Another Countdown

Here is the link to another Christmas Countdown I came across today - lots of images and printables - just for Christmas so be in quick.


Sunday, 25 November 2007

Christmas Countdown

As she has done in the past for many seasonal occasions Lisa Vollrath is going to do a Chrstmas Printables Countdown where she makes available a printable image - one a day till Christmas!

This will be starting next weekend so if you are into all things Chrismassy - or haven't finished your Christmas cards yet - or like me haven't had a chance to start them yet ! - then go and have a look - you might be inspired - all she asks is that you make a link to her site on your blog or to a group or somewhere before you download pictures - it's a small price to pay :-)

Support this very clever lady.


PS It helps when I include her link!!!!!

Sunday, 18 November 2007


Wow - I did something silly today .... no, it was not card related at all - in fact nothing has been lately as I have been too busy playing working girl but that all comes to and end this week - 3 more days and counting ....
........No, I left the tags hanging out of my new pants that I bought yesterday! .......
When I put them on I was planning to get someone to cut the tags out for me but I totally forgot! Anyway, when my error was pointed out to me I very cleverly said that I was just leaving them there so everyone could see what size I am down to - I don't think I've been this size since High School!!!!
I am hoping to get a chance to create and blog lots next week - but don't hold your breath :-)

Sunday, 14 October 2007

What a great weekend

I would thoroughly recommend a weekend away with the girls to create every once in a while! We had a blast completing 12 Christmas cards each as part of a Stampin Up, Stamp A Stack (if you want more details let me know) as well as a few other cards and a gift box or two and a couple of scrapbook layouts!!!!

Here are some of the cards I made - using mostly Stampin Up products.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Busy, busy, busy

I know, missing in action again - but I hope to have something to show next week as I am heading away for a crafting weekend with the girls - and boy do I need it!!

I have just started work after 7 years off with my kids and while it is not full time it still has me leaving the house with two kids at 8am which has never been an easy thing in our household. Oh well we all survived the first week and I am finding that I do quite like the work - still.

So I am hoping to get heaps of cards and christmas cards and atcs made this weekend and I am hoping to get some good nights sleep and a lie in too not to mention great friends and hopefully lovely weather for a walk along the beach.

Better go pack ...

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Dragon Cake

Once again - not craft related but certainly tasty. Mr 6 had the Chicken Pocks when it was his birthday, so the sleepover that we had planned had to be cancelled. Finally I got around to organising another sleepover and then had to make a cake too. The boys were very good and didn't wake till 6 am (which is very early for this household!!!!)

Anyway here is the cake - I got the pattern from the internet - where else? Based loosely on the dragon from Jane and the Dragon a popular TV show around here just now.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Kelly tagged me again!

I got tagged again by Kelly - she can't have many friends cos she always tags me - either that or just not many friends with blogs - that must be it :-)

Here’s how it works:

1. Players must list one fact, word, or tidbit that is somehow relevant to their life for each letter of their first or middle name.

2. When you are tagged you need to write your own post containing your first or middle name game facts, word, or tidbit.

3. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling them that they have been tagged, and to read your blog.

4. If I’ve tagged YOU (see below), please join in on the fun!

Don't have my full drivers licence - have only been driving for 6 years.

Only girl in my family.

Never smoked a cigarette in my life - never tried drugs either - no angel though - went through a stage of drinking like a fish - ahhh those were the days!

Nearly lost 10kg in the past 3 months by eating healthily and exercising at the gym.

About to start working again - part time and temporarily as a kindergarten teacher.

And so I tag anyone that has yet to be tagged - consider yourself “tagged”!

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Not crafting related at all but I had to share...

I have just got home from completing a 10km walk.

Ok so it doesn't sound so grand but it my first one (unless you count the 12km City to Surf, I ran as a kid with my Dad - I must have been much fitter back then!)

My time was about 90 minutes which I think is pretty good and I can still walk so no major injuries.

I think I would even consider doing it again sometime.......

If you want to see my results - check me out here - scroll down to the 10km walk.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Return of the long lost blogger ...

Man I cannot believe I have been gone so long ..... not that I have been anywhere - just not blogging, or creating much or anything but busy with life, the gym, the odd bit of work and stuff.

Anyway, the reason for my blog is to show off the cards I have made at Stampin Up workshops in the last month. I quite like Stampin Up - I have seen demos of a few cards, layouts, a gift box and then had the chance to play with two cards of my own - now that is one way to sell product!

Anyway enough rambling - here are the cards. If you are interested in any Stampin Up stuff, check out their website or contact me and I'll let you know when I am having a party.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

blogging update

Do you know what I like most about blogs - that people keep them up to date and add to them regularly - I especially like the ones who update daily - pity I can't manage that myself huh - oh well.

Nothing to add today though either - not much time to create lately..... Bummer

Friday, 20 July 2007

DCM Faux

Ok Ok It has been a while - again - I know but I have lots going on right now - anyway here is the card I created for the DCM midweek extra this week. The theme was Faux ... so mine is faux patchwork and a faux flower. I could have added Faux stitching too but I didn't want it to be too Faux if you know what I mean.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Guest Designer

Wow what a thrill - I have been asked to be guest designer at Daring Cardmakers for the next couple of weeks so you'll have to go and check out my stuff and that of the other very creative women!

Anyway this weeks dare was to visit the bottom of your sewing basket and create a card with what you find ... I had lots of cool ideas but no time cos it was the holidays to really play around with them. So anyway I found this cool piece of fabric and created this card ....

To check this out and see more great cards made with sewing paraphenalia (Wow that is a BIG word for today) go over to Daring Cardmakers.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Too Cold, Too Busy ....

But good old Daring Cardmakers can pull me out of the depths ... this card haunted me till I finally made it last night - I was trying to do other things but it kept calling me till I made it - so here it is ...

"We've another Retro challenge for this week's Little Extra.
This time we'd like you to find your inspiration in the 1960s."

Now seeing as my parents only met in the late 60's and I wasn't even a twinkle in their eye I didn't really have much to go on but thanks to lots of advise from B and K this is about as Hippy/flares/paisley/psychadelic as I could get! The more I look at it the more 70's it looks so I am going to stop looking now!!!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

and more time for fun

Gee I love the school holidays - no extra meetings, few evenings out, lots of time to create ... and get ahead so that when the term starts again I don't feel bad that I am not creating and am instead sitting in meetings :-( Oh well I am sure having fun now anyway!

This card is for a Just Bex Challenge (there are heaps of them over there at the moment - I am having real issues uploading my images to the forum though so I am feeling a bit bummed)

Challenge 11 is make a tag or card using up your scraps - these bits and pieces were all left over after my craft session last night - even the ink and stamp were from earlier projects - IYKWIM

These ATCs are for a swap at Just Bex and these are a set of "Pot Luck" cards.

And these ones are a set called "Happy Holidays" although I am feeling in my heart that it is too early for Christmas yet but in my head I know I had better start making those cards soon!

Monday, 2 July 2007

I had some fun last night

Ok - here is a card using Beads for the Daring Card Makers Dare for this week. It also meets the requirements for the Just Bex Challenge 8 - using punched flowers in a card or layout. Woohoo!!

This card is for the Just Bex Challenge 2 - a card with blooms.

And this one is from Just Bex - challenge 7 - Something to Wear.

And finally these are two Winter themed ATCs - so appropriate here at the moment - well the winter if not the snow.

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Artist Trading Cards - June

Wow - where is the year going? I have been working this week so sorry about the lack of posting but that does reflect the lack of crafting too - such is life.

Here are some of the collaborative ATCs I have been involved with this month - each person added one piece of the card and then sent it on, round robin style till it got home again. I was in 3 groups and here are my lovely works of art that arrived home.

I have also been involved in an "Anything but Paper" ATC swap - had to get my thinking cap on for that one - here are the cards I received from my partner. They are made from some sort of plastic, fun foam and cork.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Father's Day Downloads

Hey guys, if you are after pictures of Dads and masculine things for your cards and art work then check out this site. The stuff will only be there for a day or so more so be in quick!

Mum and Dad had a great trip here and I saw them safely to the plane - so I might have some time to catch up a bit on stuff tomorrow - hopefully :-)

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Two cards

Ok - here are some cards for various challenges this week.

First is for the Celestial challenge over at Daring Card Makers. In case you don't recognise him, he is a Little Green Man from the Toy Story movies which are well loved around here.

And the second is for the Father's Day Challenge at Just Bex - the card was not to use the words Dad or Father. The verse inside the card reads "I sleep naked and it aint a pretty picture."

I will be even quieter than usual for the next few days as my parents are coming to visit - yeah - but I will have very little time to be at teh computer - I doubt you'll even miss me :-)

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Another Blue Moon Day

Here is a card I created for a challenge over at Just Bex

Here is a card for the DCM dare for last week - make a card with vellum, acetate or plasma ... this card uses acetate and Marvey Metallic pens.

And here is an ATC for a swap - "It's a Girl Thing"

Happy Day (Note sarcastic wit)

Kelly tagged me to share what was making me happy today - well today not that much really - not that I am miserable or anything but just it was one of those days when most things were accompanied by a little dig in the ribs ....
  • I ran out of time to hang out my washing before I left the house this morning!
  • I went to the Dr for my regular update of my prescription - she said "While you are here jump up and have a sm*@r" (Just in case there are minors reading or medical terms make you squeemish)
  • And then she said "I am a bit worried about your blood pressure - you really should loose some weight you know - come back in a month and we'll see how much you've lost!!!"
  • I was invited to a celebratory movie showing but it is on at a time when I will have two preschoolers with me so I can't really go.
  • I found a note from school that was meant to be returned YESTERDAY that Mr 6 had forgotten to give me.
But on the happy front - the sun was shining (the same sun that was shining on Kelly's house probably as I can see her place from my lounge), I watched Mr 6 play sport after school and he was trying VERY hard ( physical activity is not his strong suit), Miss 4 has stopped whinging (for the time being anyway) and I have nearly thawed out from standing in the cold wind watching the sport.
Tomorrow has got to be a better day!!!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

What A Mess

Here are some photos of my bomb site on Saturday - before I started tidying - no wonder I don't get much done surrounded by so much mess. Anyway, the good news is that it has been a long weekend here and I have made HUGE inroads but it is still not finished so no after shots just yet - hopefully soon.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Here are three ATCs I whipped up last night - yeah right - I agonised over them actually but anyway - they are about to wing their way over to the US to my swap partner. The themes were Orange, Two and Children. (sorry they are not straight - just tilt your head slightly to the right and they'll look a little better :-)

The next ones I am working on are ATCs using no paper!!!! - there is sure to be some more agonising going on that's for sure!

I am full of a snotty cold that is slowly heading down to my chest so hopefully I'll feel lots more like creating soon.

Friday, 18 May 2007


Another card for the DCM dare for last week ......

I am trying to get fit and healthy and making this card was the closest I've come to eating chocolate for a few days (yes only a few days but you have to start somewhere). Anyway this was based on a card I saw in a magazine - I can't give it credit cos I can't find it now anywhere - and this is my take on it.
Here is the card I have made for my youngest brother who is having his birthday later this month - once again based on a card from a mag that is lurking somewhere in the black hole I call my "Studio" - I drew the tee-shirt free hand based on the pattern in the magazine - I am quite impressed with my efforts as sometimes things do not turn out quite as one had intended them to.
And finally a card for a swap I am in - it needed to have eyelets on it somewhere - this one turned out better than I had hoped too - all in all a very productive night!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

It must be a Blue Moon

Here are some ATC's that I have created from the sketches made by Di Hickman and posted on her blog - go check her - and my art work out.
Woohooo - two posts in one day - do I sense a blue moon coming on?

It's been a while

since I last posted - you must be getting used to that by now :-)

Anywawy here is a card I made for the Daring Cardmakers Dare this week - Food - a subject obviously dear to my heart.
This card looks better in real life - and not even that good but it is done. The colours in this one are not true to life and are a bit garrish here - not a good look.
I have a great idea for a card but not sure if I'll get a chance to create it let alone blog about it - it involves chocolate - even better.

Card uses Birthday wishes clear stamps - and a piece of ribbon - the colours are so bad in this picture - oh well

Friday, 4 May 2007

Bad Blogger

I know that I have been too busy when I see that I haven't blogged (is this a real word or am I just making things up now?) for nearly a month. I must have made a few cards though as I have been involved in quite a few different swaps on the various lists I am on.
Last night I made Mother's Day cards but I can't show you in case my MIL is reading (Hi Ruth!) I also finished a few other cards for the mamoth run of birthdays I have for May - some are already late - sorry!
Kerryn, if you are reading this "Happy Birthday!" - the card is in the mail - well nearly:-) I hope you are having a lovely day today despite my tardiness. I have just seen that you have tagged me too but I will have to think about it and get back to you all.

Here are a few sites to check out if you are looking for inspiration. Di Hickman's blog has sketch ideas for scrapbooking, cards and soon ATC's too. Check it out on Monday and you might see some of my creations. Lisa Vollrath has another countdown about to start - this time for Mother's Day. Check it out here.

Oh well those are my pearls of wisdom for today - get creating!

Friday, 13 April 2007

New Art Work

There are just not enough hours in the day to create and blog about it - sorry. Anyway I have managed to play recently and now have 2 seconds to blog so here goes.....

Here is a card I have created for a challenge on NZStampers - to create something on the theme of "Mushrooms". Thank goodness I could find a serviette with a mushroom on it! The stamped message says "blowing wishes your way" - it didn't stamp too clearly over the modpodge used to sel the serviette.

Here are 2 ATC (Atrist Trading Cards) I have created on the theme of Autumn which we are definately in here in NZ (I am sitting at the computer wearing a beanie to try to stay warm)
One uses a magazine picture and stamping while the other has an Autumny background paper overstamped with the oak leaf and the word Autumn added.

This card I have created using some goodies sent to me by my swap partner. She sent the stamped image, purple ribbon and the button. (She actually sent 2 buttons but I lost one between the letterbox and my craft room :-(
I added the purple card, flower and butterfly bead. I now send it back to her.

Oh well thanks for looking - my 2 seconds are well and truely up, Miss M is calling out that she is starving and it is time to get the veges on for tea.

Saturday, 31 March 2007

Free Easter Printables

If you want FREE printables, pictures and things for Easter check out this site.

Well it's not quite live yet but will be on April first and will run until Easter - don't think "Cool, I'll check that out in the holidays" as it will be ong gone and you will have missed out.

You need to check in everyday and save the images and goodies that you like.

Check out Lisa's other sites too, Go Make Something, Just Print Something and Lisa

Monday, 26 March 2007

Yes I am still alive!

I know it has been a VERY long time between posts but I have been a working girl and creating has taken a back seat to more fundamental tasks (ie eating and sleeping, feeding, bathing and talking to the kids, interacting with DH)

Anyway here are a couple of cards that I have managed to get together recently.

This is the card I made a few weeks ago for Mum and did not like and said I'd take apart - well I did - and this is what I came up with instead.

I am much happier with this one but it is still not much like the plan I had in my head - oh well.

And this card is for a friend's son's 4th birthday this week. The image is a serviette - still my favourite way to make cards.

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

I've been tagged

Keryn tagged me last week (or was it the week before) and I have just not had a chance to respond until now. She was pretty lucky that I follow her blog so closely to know that I had been tagged.

Anyway here goes

1. Find the nearest book:
I had a dig around on the computer desk and found one that my husband has borrowed from his Dad.

2. Name the book & the author:
Made In Japan - Akio Morita

It is the story of the Sony company.

3.Turn to page 123.
Yep I've got page 123.

4. Go to the 5th sentence on the page & copy out the next three sentences onto your blog.

"My travel agent had booked the hotel and I didn't know anything about how to go about changing it. The maitre d'hotel assigned me to a corner table in dining room, which suited me fine at the time; I didn't have to talk to anybody, just observe.
I went to the Vienna Philharmonic and there I met the great von Karajan, who was already a famous conductor, of course, and he asked me, "What do you do, Mr Morita? "

5. Tag 3 more people.
The only people who I know read my blog - at least skim read it - are Keryn who tagged me and Kelly whom she also tagged and Gillian who tagged Keryn (Did you get all that? or have I just confused you?). So if you stumble upon this and have not been tagged before (or not for a while) please consider yourself tagged.

Friday, 2 March 2007

20/20 and Monogram dares

Whoopee - I made it in time - well not late anyway!!!!

Last weeks DCM dare was "20/20" - use 20 things on a card - here I stitched 20 little flower sequins onto black card with a black bead centre, layered it onto orange to make it stand out a bit and then onto white card with a sentiment.

The little extra this week was to use a monogram on a card - this one looks totally different in my head - heaps better - but I was adament that I would get a dare done on time today so here it is anyway. I am going to take it apart and do something to it later to make it better. It is Mum's birthday in a couple of weeks so this card is for her (obviously I hear you say) - well the new and improved one will be.

And then I had a wee play for some ATC's I need to design this month - one for St Patricks Day and an Easter one. These backgrounds are chalks used with some stencils and now I have to work on what I am going to add. The chick is pretty cute don't you think? even if he is a bit hard to see - chalks don't show up too well in the scan.

Monday, 26 February 2007

DCM Little Extra

Last weeks DCM Little extra was "Oh Boy" - to create a card for a male and here is my effort.

I just LOVE this card!!!!

They make cute congratulations cards, would also be good for baby shower invites or 1st birthdays.

I am sure they could be adapted a wee bit to make a similar design for girls too - add some lace and pink of course!

Friday, 23 February 2007

Found Them!!

You will all be pleased to hear that I have found my water colour pencils and Aquash brush that have been missing since January but alas they were not with the missing foil so that implies two culprits!

Perhaps the mice that stole the mouse traps took the foil as a reminder of their visit - I just don't know.

I had a big mouse problem in my craft room last winter and I set several traps and managed to catch 17 mice but then one day one trap was missing - I have searched high and low, under furniture, behind things and I just can't find it anywhere - and it wasn't just a small, slim model either - a bit like myself - so I bought a new trap to replace the missing one and low and behold that one was taken too.

So somewhere there are two lonely mouse traps and some strong mice having a giggle at my expense.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Another Paisley effort

And here is another Paisley effort - the words went missing in action between downstairs (where I had been creating but the background was still wet) and upstairs (where I thought I could have the bits to join together once the background had dried and I could then scan it).

Anyway, I just found the word on the floor downstairs and I thought I had better finish it now or it would never get done.

The background is a serviette, crinkled and glued onto the card.