Monday, 26 February 2007

DCM Little Extra

Last weeks DCM Little extra was "Oh Boy" - to create a card for a male and here is my effort.

I just LOVE this card!!!!

They make cute congratulations cards, would also be good for baby shower invites or 1st birthdays.

I am sure they could be adapted a wee bit to make a similar design for girls too - add some lace and pink of course!

Friday, 23 February 2007

Found Them!!

You will all be pleased to hear that I have found my water colour pencils and Aquash brush that have been missing since January but alas they were not with the missing foil so that implies two culprits!

Perhaps the mice that stole the mouse traps took the foil as a reminder of their visit - I just don't know.

I had a big mouse problem in my craft room last winter and I set several traps and managed to catch 17 mice but then one day one trap was missing - I have searched high and low, under furniture, behind things and I just can't find it anywhere - and it wasn't just a small, slim model either - a bit like myself - so I bought a new trap to replace the missing one and low and behold that one was taken too.

So somewhere there are two lonely mouse traps and some strong mice having a giggle at my expense.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Another Paisley effort

And here is another Paisley effort - the words went missing in action between downstairs (where I had been creating but the background was still wet) and upstairs (where I thought I could have the bits to join together once the background had dried and I could then scan it).

Anyway, I just found the word on the floor downstairs and I thought I had better finish it now or it would never get done.

The background is a serviette, crinkled and glued onto the card.

Dares - better late than never

Where does my time go?

Here are the last two DCM dares - both late but oh well. I really enjoyed creating them nad that is all that matters.

Last weeks extra was to create something representing the 1970's. My Mum wore a lot of paisley in the 70's and tried to get me to wear it in the 80's but I was a teen and resisted but the scary thing is that now I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame - thanks Mum!
this card was done using packing tape to transfer the paisley image that I had laser printed, and then I coloured it with Pearl EX (which I haven't had out for ages!)

Friday's Dare was to make a card with folds - so I decorated up a matchbook shaped card. Her hat is foiled - not quite the colour I wanted but -"WHO STOLE ALL MY FOIL? AND ARE YOU THE SAME PERSON WHO HAS MY WATER COLOUR PENCILS AND AQUASH BRUSH?"

Can you tell I am feeling a little pressure at the moment - lots of things on my little plate oh well off to deal with another one now.

Saturday, 17 February 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry it has been so long between posts - the kids are finally over the chicken pocks and now I am trying to catch up with all the stuff that didn't get done while I was confined to home - groceries, returning OVERDUE library books and the like. Top that off with the return to Ballet, Pippins and Piano lessons and I am feeling the pace of the year pick up speed rapidly.

Needless to say I have barely created anything this week - but last night I did make a cool Christmas Cracker shaped box suitable for ear rings, jewellery, small soap or chocolates and showed how to make a tiny purse just the right size for a Hershey's chocolate.

Monday, 12 February 2007

There have been some complaints about the lack of blogging lately - sorry the kids have been taking up ALL of my space lately - hopefully I can send them back to school and kindy really soon as they will no longer be contageous.

Anyway I have finally had a chance to create - this is a welcome card for my new neice born over the weekend. She was born at just 24 weeks and only weighs 600g so please pray for her and her family.

It also completes this weeks DCM dare to use the Media in some way in your card. The purple layer immediately behind the teddy is newspaper covered in paint and smushed around.

Sunday, 4 February 2007

The Pocks

Just when I could taste freedom the rug is pulled from under me and I am doomed to have at least one more week of 'The Kids'.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but the summer holidays are long!

The kids are sick of the sight of each other and Mr nearly 6 is desperate to get back to school.

But last night we discovered 7 blistery spots on Mr nearly 6 and 2 on Miss 4. There were nearly tears when we told them they won't be going anywhere for a week or so - no Kindy, school, library.

I don't know who is sadder - the kids or me.

Oh well these are the joys of Motherhood.

Thursday, 1 February 2007

I'm back - you didn't even miss me!

Ooooh I have been off line for a couple of days and talk about computer withdrawl!!! I couldn't wait to get on line to check out a few blogs not to mention the millions (no I NEVER exaggerate!) of emails I received. Anyway we are back - thank goodness DH could fix it.

Here are a couple of cards for this weeks Daring Card Makers Extra - using the sketch they provided.

I definately had a hard time seeing past the lines of the sketch but hey that's why they call it a challenge right :-)