Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Dares - better late than never

Where does my time go?

Here are the last two DCM dares - both late but oh well. I really enjoyed creating them nad that is all that matters.

Last weeks extra was to create something representing the 1970's. My Mum wore a lot of paisley in the 70's and tried to get me to wear it in the 80's but I was a teen and resisted but the scary thing is that now I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame - thanks Mum!
this card was done using packing tape to transfer the paisley image that I had laser printed, and then I coloured it with Pearl EX (which I haven't had out for ages!)

Friday's Dare was to make a card with folds - so I decorated up a matchbook shaped card. Her hat is foiled - not quite the colour I wanted but -"WHO STOLE ALL MY FOIL? AND ARE YOU THE SAME PERSON WHO HAS MY WATER COLOUR PENCILS AND AQUASH BRUSH?"

Can you tell I am feeling a little pressure at the moment - lots of things on my little plate oh well off to deal with another one now.


Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh you write an entertaining post...I had a great little chuckle at your paisley comment..
Cool cards Donna!.. two techniques I'm yet to try, with the tape and foil..
I hope you can relax.. and take some pressure off somehow! :o)

Kathy said...

I love your matchbook card, it looks so good - great stamp!

Your "lost" stuff is probably with mine and everyone else's - with those naughty magpies who steal away crafty pretties

Kelly said...

I promise it isn't me hiding your stash! I do , however, have one of your envelope templates still............. note the shaming public confession :) ! It will return at some point.... gulp!

Rhi said...

What a fantastic card and a really clever idea.

My OH was speaking to our friends little girl about a solar system planet poster they have and she said...

"Yes but it isn't right cause theres a lost planet and they forgot to put it on and its where everything goes when its lost"

So now you know where your foil is lol

Rachel said...

fab cards - I love the paisley one the colours are great