Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Ok then - so I'm not winning

The mice - rather than packing their bags and leaving have moved upstairs and been having a party in the cylinder cupboard. Good for them as it's the warmest room in our house at the moment but all through the bedding and towels - Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been through it all and thrown some out and washed heaps - do those varmints not know it is winter and the chance to get things dry are currently very limited! I don't know how long they've been camped out in there - long enough to make quite a lot of mess though. I set a trap and have been waiting but they are just not interested in the tasty peanut butter I've offered - perhaps they have heard about a better party venue or maybe they've moved back downstairs. Either way they could have cleaned up after themsleves.

Oh well off to vacuum the rest of the mess up and get everything back into the cupboard before our human house guests arrive tomorrow.