Saturday, 30 June 2007

Artist Trading Cards - June

Wow - where is the year going? I have been working this week so sorry about the lack of posting but that does reflect the lack of crafting too - such is life.

Here are some of the collaborative ATCs I have been involved with this month - each person added one piece of the card and then sent it on, round robin style till it got home again. I was in 3 groups and here are my lovely works of art that arrived home.

I have also been involved in an "Anything but Paper" ATC swap - had to get my thinking cap on for that one - here are the cards I received from my partner. They are made from some sort of plastic, fun foam and cork.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Father's Day Downloads

Hey guys, if you are after pictures of Dads and masculine things for your cards and art work then check out this site. The stuff will only be there for a day or so more so be in quick!

Mum and Dad had a great trip here and I saw them safely to the plane - so I might have some time to catch up a bit on stuff tomorrow - hopefully :-)

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Two cards

Ok - here are some cards for various challenges this week.

First is for the Celestial challenge over at Daring Card Makers. In case you don't recognise him, he is a Little Green Man from the Toy Story movies which are well loved around here.

And the second is for the Father's Day Challenge at Just Bex - the card was not to use the words Dad or Father. The verse inside the card reads "I sleep naked and it aint a pretty picture."

I will be even quieter than usual for the next few days as my parents are coming to visit - yeah - but I will have very little time to be at teh computer - I doubt you'll even miss me :-)

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Another Blue Moon Day

Here is a card I created for a challenge over at Just Bex

Here is a card for the DCM dare for last week - make a card with vellum, acetate or plasma ... this card uses acetate and Marvey Metallic pens.

And here is an ATC for a swap - "It's a Girl Thing"

Happy Day (Note sarcastic wit)

Kelly tagged me to share what was making me happy today - well today not that much really - not that I am miserable or anything but just it was one of those days when most things were accompanied by a little dig in the ribs ....
  • I ran out of time to hang out my washing before I left the house this morning!
  • I went to the Dr for my regular update of my prescription - she said "While you are here jump up and have a sm*@r" (Just in case there are minors reading or medical terms make you squeemish)
  • And then she said "I am a bit worried about your blood pressure - you really should loose some weight you know - come back in a month and we'll see how much you've lost!!!"
  • I was invited to a celebratory movie showing but it is on at a time when I will have two preschoolers with me so I can't really go.
  • I found a note from school that was meant to be returned YESTERDAY that Mr 6 had forgotten to give me.
But on the happy front - the sun was shining (the same sun that was shining on Kelly's house probably as I can see her place from my lounge), I watched Mr 6 play sport after school and he was trying VERY hard ( physical activity is not his strong suit), Miss 4 has stopped whinging (for the time being anyway) and I have nearly thawed out from standing in the cold wind watching the sport.
Tomorrow has got to be a better day!!!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

What A Mess

Here are some photos of my bomb site on Saturday - before I started tidying - no wonder I don't get much done surrounded by so much mess. Anyway, the good news is that it has been a long weekend here and I have made HUGE inroads but it is still not finished so no after shots just yet - hopefully soon.