Sunday, 22 June 2008

10K walk

Today I completed the Harbour City 10k walk in a time of 1:41:56 which isn't too shabby.

Not my fastest in a 10k event but considering the conditions I was more than happy to finish. Wellington turned on one of it's wet, windy, icy polar blasts and I was just so grateful to finish at all.

Not much to report on the craft front - all right nothing to report - but I have been working several days a week of late and that seriously cuts into the chance to craft.

I am not too hopeful of it improving in the next couple of weeks either as I am working 3 days this week and then my parents arrive the week after and I'd rather spend my precious time with them than downstairs in the cold and damp. We are then heading off on a road trip - think Thelma and Louise with 3 adults, two kids and some snow! We are heading south to catch up with family and show the kids snow - they have only been wanting to see it for about 4 years. Also think cramped car space, long car journeys, short time frame and at least one child who gets car sick. Sounds like the recipe for trouble to me but I am looking forward to it!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Father's Day Countdown

Lisa Vollrath is doing another holiday countdown - this time for Father's Day which is coming up in the USA. Check it out here