Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Here are three ATCs I whipped up last night - yeah right - I agonised over them actually but anyway - they are about to wing their way over to the US to my swap partner. The themes were Orange, Two and Children. (sorry they are not straight - just tilt your head slightly to the right and they'll look a little better :-)

The next ones I am working on are ATCs using no paper!!!! - there is sure to be some more agonising going on that's for sure!

I am full of a snotty cold that is slowly heading down to my chest so hopefully I'll feel lots more like creating soon.

Friday, 18 May 2007


Another card for the DCM dare for last week ......

I am trying to get fit and healthy and making this card was the closest I've come to eating chocolate for a few days (yes only a few days but you have to start somewhere). Anyway this was based on a card I saw in a magazine - I can't give it credit cos I can't find it now anywhere - and this is my take on it.
Here is the card I have made for my youngest brother who is having his birthday later this month - once again based on a card from a mag that is lurking somewhere in the black hole I call my "Studio" - I drew the tee-shirt free hand based on the pattern in the magazine - I am quite impressed with my efforts as sometimes things do not turn out quite as one had intended them to.
And finally a card for a swap I am in - it needed to have eyelets on it somewhere - this one turned out better than I had hoped too - all in all a very productive night!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

It must be a Blue Moon

Here are some ATC's that I have created from the sketches made by Di Hickman and posted on her blog - go check her - and my art work out.
Woohooo - two posts in one day - do I sense a blue moon coming on?

It's been a while

since I last posted - you must be getting used to that by now :-)

Anywawy here is a card I made for the Daring Cardmakers Dare this week - Food - a subject obviously dear to my heart.
This card looks better in real life - and not even that good but it is done. The colours in this one are not true to life and are a bit garrish here - not a good look.
I have a great idea for a card but not sure if I'll get a chance to create it let alone blog about it - it involves chocolate - even better.

Card uses Birthday wishes clear stamps - and a piece of ribbon - the colours are so bad in this picture - oh well

Friday, 4 May 2007

Bad Blogger

I know that I have been too busy when I see that I haven't blogged (is this a real word or am I just making things up now?) for nearly a month. I must have made a few cards though as I have been involved in quite a few different swaps on the various lists I am on.
Last night I made Mother's Day cards but I can't show you in case my MIL is reading (Hi Ruth!) I also finished a few other cards for the mamoth run of birthdays I have for May - some are already late - sorry!
Kerryn, if you are reading this "Happy Birthday!" - the card is in the mail - well nearly:-) I hope you are having a lovely day today despite my tardiness. I have just seen that you have tagged me too but I will have to think about it and get back to you all.

Here are a few sites to check out if you are looking for inspiration. Di Hickman's blog has sketch ideas for scrapbooking, cards and soon ATC's too. Check it out on Monday and you might see some of my creations. Lisa Vollrath has another countdown about to start - this time for Mother's Day. Check it out here.

Oh well those are my pearls of wisdom for today - get creating!