Friday, 18 May 2007


Another card for the DCM dare for last week ......

I am trying to get fit and healthy and making this card was the closest I've come to eating chocolate for a few days (yes only a few days but you have to start somewhere). Anyway this was based on a card I saw in a magazine - I can't give it credit cos I can't find it now anywhere - and this is my take on it.
Here is the card I have made for my youngest brother who is having his birthday later this month - once again based on a card from a mag that is lurking somewhere in the black hole I call my "Studio" - I drew the tee-shirt free hand based on the pattern in the magazine - I am quite impressed with my efforts as sometimes things do not turn out quite as one had intended them to.
And finally a card for a swap I am in - it needed to have eyelets on it somewhere - this one turned out better than I had hoped too - all in all a very productive night!

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Kelly said...

Pleased you shared the chocolate! They do look good - might have to CASE that card - or at least the idea of it! The eyelet flowers have come up good. As for the mag - that would be the one given to you on Friday??? Would it have made it to your studio yet???? :)