Thursday, 27 November 2008

Angel Punches

These are the punches I used to create the angel at the Community Craft night - a 1" circle for the head, scallop circle (with some trimmed off) for the skirt and a retro flower for the arms - just stick the head to one petal and the skirt across two petals opposite the head.

Here is my take on the card Kelly demonstrated - I finally made it last night as I didn't get a chance on Monday at the event.
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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Kelly's Project

Kelly has taken a MUCH better photo of her little decoration/chocolate bar holder so go here to check it out. She has also included the link to the site of the video that shows you how to create it yourself. :-)

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Community Craft Night

Kelly and I ran a very successful Community Christmas Craft Night at our local Community Centre last night. This was our first one ever and we had 11 people there! We did 4 make and take Christmassy projects that seemed to go down well.

Here is the display of other Christmas inspiration we set up to give people ideas for their own Christmas gifts and cards.
Some of the things in this picture you might recognise from an earlier post ....

Kelly brought along one of her Scrapbooking albums for people to look at as we are hoping to make this a regular event with people learning more about cardmaking and scrapbooking as we go along.

Here is Kelly demonstrating her little hanging bag for the Christmas tree - the best part is, it is full of a Freddo Frog chocolate!

Here are all the lovely ladies that came along .... mostly from our community but also Vicky and Keryn who drove a long way to lend moral support - thanks guys!

Here is the mini pizza box that I demonstrated - the ladies did very well, mastering Rollergraph, measuring, cutting, scoring and sticking all in one go!

Here is the gorgeous Angel - created from 3 punches that we made as tree decorations - so sweet.

I didn't get photos of Kellys projects but I have just remembered that she made me one - I'll have to photograph it later - playgroup is calling!

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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Christmas Goodies

These are all the little goodies I made last night while watching a movie with Bevan and then the election coverage.

There are rectangular boxes and triangular boxes with Hersheys Kisses inside, little packets of M&Ms, 2 square cards to use up the scraps and a REALLY cute bag!
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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Sour Cream Container Tutorial

Well here's another tutorial. They are known as Sour Cream Containers and if you google you will probably find heaps of other examples too. You can see some in my post about the goodies I made for Kelly.

Here are the supplies you'll need to create them.

Cut a 5 inch (12.5 cm) square of patterned paper. You could use plain or decorate your own too if you wish.

Apply double sided tape to one edge of the paper. Check the direction of the pattern if that's part of the design. Carefully roll the paper and stick the tape down forming a tube.

Pop your treat inside - I've used a mini chocolate bar (the only reason it has survived is that it has nuts in it) but you could use M&Ms, hair clips, an eraser just as easily.

Apply double sided tape to the inside of one end of the tube. Peel the backing off and seal it shut. When you do the second end, turn the tube 90 degrees, fold the sides and seal shut. This just adds some interest.

Now, using the crimper, run about an inch or so through the machine - do as much or as little as you like. This seals the ends firmly and creates a decorative touch.

Create a medallion from a combination of punched circles layered onto each other.

Cut a length of ribbon and twist it around to cross over itself. Tape your layered circles on top.

This is the medallion finished - then just stick it to the front of your treat somewhere - wherever you like the look of it.

Thanks to my hand model in the final shot .... Miss 5.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Treat Holder Tutorial

I just LOVE tutorials - I love new tricks and ideas so I often find myself hunting out blogs with good tutorials.

I thought I'd see just how hard it was to create a tutorial .... here is one for the 88 little treat bags I have made to bless the ladies at our church's annual Woman's Thanksgiving Dinner being held next week.

This is how it looks side on ... and from the front. They are filled with 3 little heart shaped chocolates.

First, decorate your sheet of A4 card stock - this will make 3 little bags. Of course you can leave it plain or used decorated card if you prefer.
I used my 'Petals' roller graph to decorate mine with Real Red ink.Then you cut the sheet into 3 inch (7.5 cm) strips. You'll get 3 and a smaller strip left over - perhaps you could create gift tags with that bit - or donate it to your local kindy for the kids to create with.Ok so take one of the strips and fold it, right sides together .....Mark 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) from the folded edge, fold back on this line on both sides of the treat holder.From the side it now looks like this .... (woohoo we are nearly there)
Then using a punch (or by hand if you don't have a punch) cut a window into the bag, saving the cut out piece for the tag. I used a scallop punch in this sample.Then it's time to organise the goodies. I used a small cellophane bag and loaded it with 3 little heart shaped chocolates but anything will work - M&Ms, Kisses, home made sweets, bath salts, money etc ... fold the top over to secure the goodies inside and lay it inside the treat holder.Cut a small piece of ribbon, any colour you like, fold it in half and hold it behind the 'tag' you punched from the front earlier.
Now this is where being born with a couple of extra fingers would come in handy .... staple the tag, ribbon, bag and holder all together with one staple. I always set my tag slightly to one side - so the goodies can be seen through the 'window' and so that it looks deliberate instead of "oops I slipped a bit."
And then ta-da - there you have it, one super duper looking, easy peasy treat holder, simle enough for mass producing with the all important wow factor.

Christmas inspiration from Stampin Up!

Kelly and I got together to create last night - she wanted to get some Christmas cards started and I needed to get out of the house and make something. These are my creations ... Stampin Up! has a swirly tree a bit like this but I don't so I created my own using some swirly stamps I do own and a mask I cut out. The trees came out better than I had thought - somehow the cards have scanned crooked though - sorry! On the red one I tried out Kelly's new punch that scallops the edge and punches a hole too - very cool (it doesn't show up very well in the scan).