Monday, 20 October 2008

A Special Treat

My good friend Kelly is currently sitting her second to last exam ever - the last one is tomorrow afternoon. She has been studying hard but it is always hard to know whether you've done enough till the results come out so to help with the last minute study and as a wee pick me up for when they are over I put together some goodies and dropped them off yesterday. I did some baking and packaged up some chocolate in some creative ways and made a calendar for next year and a card. I then covered an old box and decorated it. I hope it does the trick.

The goodies on displayInside the box
A mini chocolate bar lurks in there.
This packaging is called a sour cream container - make a tube of DP, seal one end, crimp, turn and seal opposite sides, crimp. (Hmmm maybe it's time to write a tutorial)

And this is a strawberry, that I made from a template I found online here - I enlarged it so I could fit LOTS of M&Ms inside.


Elizabeth said...

what a wonderful idea and so thoughtful of you Donna. I bet Kelly was thrilled. Love the cards you have made too

teeni said...

What a talented friend you are! I just came from Kelly's and think that was a wonderful gift to give her to show your support! You are all very talented!

Scrappydo said...

So glad you took photos cos I didn't.... too busy munching my way through it all! Thanks again - it was all yummy and I definitely think it helped ;)

Danice said...

Oh nice work Donna! kelly surely deserved every last crumb!

Deanne Burton said...

Cute stuff!!!