Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The View in My Craft Room

My Craft Desk

Behind My Craft Desk
The View Beyond my Craft Desk

The length of my craft desk

Yes, you may be wondering how I ever manage to create anything in a bombsite such as this - I wonder that myself regularly.
One of the groups I belong to has had a challenge to take a photo of your craft space and then tidy it up and show some before and after photo of your space.
I hope there is no time limit on this as it could take some time to "tidy up" - it might be quicker to get a mini skip!
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Monday, 25 January 2010

13th Wedding Anniversary

Yes, I am still alive. We survived our Summer Holiday and the kids go back to school in 8 days time (not that I'm counting down or anything :-)) I have not had much time for creating but hopefully I'll be back to it in the next week or so - when this years 'normal' settles in.

Today is our 13th Wedding Anniversary.

Now my husband is a VERY lucky man, not only has he been married to me for 13 years but today he got the day off work (thanks to it being Anniversary Day) and two handmade cards from me! That was because I could not quite decide which one to give him. Miss 7 (yes she's had another birthday!) wanted the pink version because it is "more lovey" ( I made it more masculine by adding the grey and the row of holes) and I found the courderoy buttons and thought they'd make a masculine statement on a 'lovey' card - I'm not so sure they do but everyone was happy. Mr 8 (Yep his birthday is coming up) was amazed that I could make two cards with the same stamp and they'd look so different - man he's got a lot to learn about card making!

Hoefully I'll get back here again soon - don't hold your breath though - you know about me and all my good intentions.
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