Friday, 7 November 2008

Treat Holder Tutorial

I just LOVE tutorials - I love new tricks and ideas so I often find myself hunting out blogs with good tutorials.

I thought I'd see just how hard it was to create a tutorial .... here is one for the 88 little treat bags I have made to bless the ladies at our church's annual Woman's Thanksgiving Dinner being held next week.

This is how it looks side on ... and from the front. They are filled with 3 little heart shaped chocolates.

First, decorate your sheet of A4 card stock - this will make 3 little bags. Of course you can leave it plain or used decorated card if you prefer.
I used my 'Petals' roller graph to decorate mine with Real Red ink.Then you cut the sheet into 3 inch (7.5 cm) strips. You'll get 3 and a smaller strip left over - perhaps you could create gift tags with that bit - or donate it to your local kindy for the kids to create with.Ok so take one of the strips and fold it, right sides together .....Mark 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) from the folded edge, fold back on this line on both sides of the treat holder.From the side it now looks like this .... (woohoo we are nearly there)
Then using a punch (or by hand if you don't have a punch) cut a window into the bag, saving the cut out piece for the tag. I used a scallop punch in this sample.Then it's time to organise the goodies. I used a small cellophane bag and loaded it with 3 little heart shaped chocolates but anything will work - M&Ms, Kisses, home made sweets, bath salts, money etc ... fold the top over to secure the goodies inside and lay it inside the treat holder.Cut a small piece of ribbon, any colour you like, fold it in half and hold it behind the 'tag' you punched from the front earlier.
Now this is where being born with a couple of extra fingers would come in handy .... staple the tag, ribbon, bag and holder all together with one staple. I always set my tag slightly to one side - so the goodies can be seen through the 'window' and so that it looks deliberate instead of "oops I slipped a bit."
And then ta-da - there you have it, one super duper looking, easy peasy treat holder, simle enough for mass producing with the all important wow factor.


Keryn Campbell said...

Off to give this a try.

Fantastic tutorial.

Scrappydo said...

Very, very cool - nice to see the instructions with piccies too. You should teach somewhere...... ;)