Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Happy Day (Note sarcastic wit)

Kelly tagged me to share what was making me happy today - well today not that much really - not that I am miserable or anything but just it was one of those days when most things were accompanied by a little dig in the ribs ....
  • I ran out of time to hang out my washing before I left the house this morning!
  • I went to the Dr for my regular update of my prescription - she said "While you are here jump up and have a sm*@r" (Just in case there are minors reading or medical terms make you squeemish)
  • And then she said "I am a bit worried about your blood pressure - you really should loose some weight you know - come back in a month and we'll see how much you've lost!!!"
  • I was invited to a celebratory movie showing but it is on at a time when I will have two preschoolers with me so I can't really go.
  • I found a note from school that was meant to be returned YESTERDAY that Mr 6 had forgotten to give me.
But on the happy front - the sun was shining (the same sun that was shining on Kelly's house probably as I can see her place from my lounge), I watched Mr 6 play sport after school and he was trying VERY hard ( physical activity is not his strong suit), Miss 4 has stopped whinging (for the time being anyway) and I have nearly thawed out from standing in the cold wind watching the sport.
Tomorrow has got to be a better day!!!!

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Keryn Campbell said...

You are having a good time aren't you. It's better though when the sm**r things are sprung on you tho. Yes time to stress before hand.