Friday, 2 March 2007

20/20 and Monogram dares

Whoopee - I made it in time - well not late anyway!!!!

Last weeks DCM dare was "20/20" - use 20 things on a card - here I stitched 20 little flower sequins onto black card with a black bead centre, layered it onto orange to make it stand out a bit and then onto white card with a sentiment.

The little extra this week was to use a monogram on a card - this one looks totally different in my head - heaps better - but I was adament that I would get a dare done on time today so here it is anyway. I am going to take it apart and do something to it later to make it better. It is Mum's birthday in a couple of weeks so this card is for her (obviously I hear you say) - well the new and improved one will be.

And then I had a wee play for some ATC's I need to design this month - one for St Patricks Day and an Easter one. These backgrounds are chalks used with some stencils and now I have to work on what I am going to add. The chick is pretty cute don't you think? even if he is a bit hard to see - chalks don't show up too well in the scan.


Kelly said...

Very cool cards - like the 20/20 one - it's very striking. Hoping to get the monogram one done. I sort of have a picture in my head - and no, I won't be using my new toy 'cos I don't have any alphabets yet! Or I could do one wiht a B, A or Y. Then just find someone with the right initial to give the card to!

Kathy said...

Some great cards here Donna. The sequins look so pretty and the monogram card looks lovely. And yep, your little chick is very cute :-)

Saffa said...

Great cards Donna,

Love the flower sequins!


Gillian Hamilton said...

OH WOW!!!!... I really love your 20/20 card Donna.. what cute little sequins.. looks great!!!!..
Cringing at the thought of you taking your card apart... but I know that feeling.. everyone else can think your card is great, but if you are not happy, you wont be until you do it.. I think it looks pretty by the way.. and I'm sure you mum would too.. :o)