Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Dragon Cake

Once again - not craft related but certainly tasty. Mr 6 had the Chicken Pocks when it was his birthday, so the sleepover that we had planned had to be cancelled. Finally I got around to organising another sleepover and then had to make a cake too. The boys were very good and didn't wake till 6 am (which is very early for this household!!!!)

Anyway here is the cake - I got the pattern from the internet - where else? Based loosely on the dragon from Jane and the Dragon a popular TV show around here just now.


EnnaVic said...

Gorgeous cake :)

We watch Jane and the Dragon as well but I must admit I am in two minds about it. I love the characters and having a girl in a non-traditional role, but I don't much like the cartoon style with those wierd body proportions. The good far outweighs the bad though.

Tandra said...

hee hee Super cute cake!!