Saturday, 2 December 2006

OK OK I know I said I might never do this again but.....

I have had two great nights out this week doing crafty things and making stuff so in my mind that was a GREAT week-Much better than endless rounds of committee meetings! I am now feeling rather sleep deprived though as I didn't get home till well after my bedtime both nights - it was well worth it though.

I created a scrapbooking layout at a Creative Memories party which was ok - not my style but a good night out none the less and last night whipped up a Flip Pop up card (It has multiple pages, each with a pop-up on them) We made it in a NZ Christmas theme with Kiwis wearing Santa hats. We also made a box suitable to use as a gift box for handmade cards - I am going to whip up a few more of these as I think the Grndmother's might appreciate these (and if they don't "It's the thougth that counts")

I might work out how to add a picture for next time - don't hold your breath :-)

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Kelly said...

I am sooooooo with you on the sleep deprived state! Who would have thought that 2 nights out would be so knackering?? The boys are going crazy bouncing on teh bed (which will annoy dad no end....lucky he is not here!) while I try to wake up properly. Not 100% cure that will happen any time soon!!