Sunday, 21 January 2007

I've finally done a Dare!

Wow I have finally managed to take part in the Daring Card Makers dare for the week! I have been following the blog for a few months now as my friend Keryn is in their design team and have been thinking "I really must give it a go" and now I have found the time and inspiration to do so.
The dare is "Through the Round Window" creating a card with an aperture (hole in it) Here is my effort.

It is a shaker card filled with coloured hearts and the message stamped in the window is "With Love" (it is obscured by all those hearts!)

Of course I am killing two birds with one stone and I will use this as DH's Valentines card. It is a VERY busy card making time of year for me and I cannot afford to just makes cards for the sake of it :-) Both children, DH and 9 of our friends have birthdays as well as our Wedding Anniversary and Valentines day all in January and February. Not that I am complaining really but some weeks the pressure is on. I could just choose a card from my 'stack' I guess but I really like to make personalised cards if I can.

I really hope that DH doesn't read my blog - I don't even know if he knows about it - lets hope not as what I am about to tell you is top secret. It will be our 10th wedding anniversary this week and I have spent the last two years working on an album of our love including the dates we went on and our wedding day and our kids and loved ones. I am pleased I started so long ago as I am still not quite finished but I am pretty confident of finishing it in time. I'll let you know what he thinks.

Anyway this is getting out of control


Rhi said...

Great card, Im always scared of shaker cards, I can never get the shakey bits to shake if you know what I mean!

The album sounds really special, will you be sharing it with us? (Nosey aren't I!)

Rhi x

BondGirl said...

Great card I am sure DH will love it. I have the same problem as Rhi with shaker cards, they become more like shook cards lol.

I am sure your Dh will be really touched by your album

Gillian Hamilton said...

Hey Donna, so glad you've joined in on the dare.
You've made a great card..and I'm sure DH will love it.. Happy Anniversary this week.. What a wonderful gift, truely a gift from the heart.. :o)

Donna said...

The trick to shaker cards is to rub the edge of the foam tape with talcum poder (just a wee bit) to stop the edges that the 'bits' touch from being sticky and that way they stay loose and shake - well that's the theory anyway - it doesn't always work for me either :-)


Keryn Campbell said...

Go Donna, I knew you'd get around to it eventually. I'm hoping B will let the album out of his sight long enough for me to get a look at it.

Lythan said...

This is such a brilliant card (another shaker scaredy cat here). I'm so glad you have taken the plunge and have joined in a dare and I hope you'll soon have time to join in some more (after all those birthdays etc!)

Susan said...

I have never made a shaker card and was so impressed with yours, Donna. It's lovely! Will have to see about buying some shaker card inserts sometime. Congratulations on your 10th wedding anniversary - DH and I were married 10 years on Oct 19th last year, and we found it a very special time. Sounds like you will be ensuring your own anniversary will be very memorable indeed!

Lynne.x said...

Fab card Donna.
I know how you feel about Jan & Feb, I have loads of birthdays going on in those months too.

Hope you will post pix of the album when your finished, we'd love to see it.

Kathy said...

Shaker cards and I don't get on at ALL - we've decided to go our seperate ways. Well done you for making this one, I'm always full of admiration for anyone who can make these little beggars! it looks great.

Thank you so much for joining in, it's lovely to have new faces joining the DCM "Club"

Bet hubby will love the book - it's my OH's birthday in Feb and every year I find his card a real trial!

Jane said...

great card there Donna . thanks for joining in. Hmm notice how many of the design team don't like shaker cards......hmmm. Its my dare coming up soon......he he he.

Kelly said...

Great card! Was thinking of having a go at the dare, but didn't take any goodies away withe me!

Catch you later hoepfully.

Paula said...

Very delicate & I'm sure he's gonna love it!!!
I do!

Lara said...

congrats on 10 years!

I'm with Rhi & bondgirl re: the shaker cards - you got it though!