Sunday, 18 May 2008

The War - I might be winning

Well, thanks to all the suggestions about the mice, I might be getting ahead.

I invested in another trap - the really good quality ones (that the last party of mice took away and hid - never to be seen again) I thought it was worth another go with them - these mice might not be theives - just mice.

I also returned to using peanut butter - luckily not a favourite in our household with the two legged critters so there was plenty to spare.

Last night, when I crept downstairs to 'play' in my craft space - I discovered the trap had been set and had caught an offender. I love these easy set traps - it's baited and ready to try again.

The good news is I haven't heard any more gnawing either so perhaps the mixture of poisen and traps has killed/scared them critters enough to get them to find another home - warmer and friendlier than mine. Good riddance to them.


Keryn Campbell said...

Excellent news on the mice front.

Scrappydo said...

So they haven't worked out how to get this one out of the room then?? Good to hear that you are not hearing the gnawing sounds anymore. whew!!