Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Happy Birthday Cameron

My boy is turning 9 today - and here is the card I made for him - it's not quite finished but I can't take another picture at the moment so this will have to do until then - I made the arms by winding wire around a skewer till it was the length I wanted. The other pieces are all cut free hand but based on a design I saw in a magazine.

It's a very special time for Cam as he starts back at Cubs tonight and he starts at GKP tomorrow - a programme for Gifted Kids which he just can't wait to start.

Check back later when I'll hopefully have a better picture too!
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Scrappydo said...

You made an awesome job on this! Hope the C-man has an awesome day tomorrow. Hopefully we can catch up at some point this week for more than just a passing moment?!