Monday, 1 December 2008

Kreativ Blogger Awards

Wow - Robin nominated my for a Kreativ Blogger Award - how cool is that! Thanks for thinking of me Robin. You had better all go and check out Robin's Blog too - she does some amazing art.

The rules for receiving the award are simple:
1. the winner may put the logo on their blog
2. put a link to the person who sent you the award
3. nominate 5 blogs
4. put links to their blogs
5. leave a message for your nominees

Now I have to nominate 5 blogs .....

Go check out the work by
Keryn - lots of cool Stampin Up! inspiration
Kelly - lots of awesome Scrapbooking layouts
Allison - she gathers heaps of links to other blogs with sketches, tutorials and the like - a mine of information
Sarah - now she hasn't blogged for a while cos she has been really sick and she is looking after herself but with a little encouragement she might show some more of her gorgeous work... :-)
Wendy - what an inspiration to us all - Kia kaha Wendy!

Well done everyone - well deserved awards!

1 comment:

Scrappydo said...

ooooh! Goody! I was asking someone if I could pinch it off her website so that I could pass it on to others - but she never got back to me and I was too scared to really just take it!!! LOL
Thanks - and lucky you for getting it from Robin - I like hte looks of her blog too. Because you can never have too many blogs to read, right??!