Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Vicarious Living .....

Isn't the blog universe an interesting place?

We visit other people's blogs and get caught up in their lives - whether we want to or not and somehow develop 'friendships' with these people - even though they don't even know we exist (except as some number in their "hits").

Sometimes we do get to know them - in real life - and chat and share ideas but mostly it is all anonymous.

And sometimes our 'real' friends have blogs too and we know more about their week through their posts on their blog than through our own conversations with them (Hi Kelly and Keryn)

And then we find out that some terrible things are going on in their lives but there is nothing we can do - remember we are just hits on their blog - but still we feel it and feel their pain and feel helpless.

I challenge you to be less of a stalker and more of a friend this year - leave comments on blogs and chat with people - or seriously limit the number of blogs you visit!!!!!

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