Thursday, 25 December 2008

I hate Christmas Eve

No really, I hate Christmas Eve.... and this one was no exception.

I hate the anticipation of it, it's nearly Christmas but not quite and all the last minute jobs are left till Christmas Eve so you are busier than ever. You and everyone else who thought they'd wait till the last minute to pick p the last few things on your list are all trying to find a park at the same time at the mall and you are all at the check out at the same moment - I hate Christmas Eve.

And I can never get to sleep on Christmas Eve - this goes way back to the excitement of trying to get to sleep before Santa arrives and hoping that the things on my list would be waiting for me and it's too hot to sleep anyway. But now the thoughts are different .... will everyone like their gifts? will C like the Ferrari model even though it's not Star Wars Lego? did all the parcels reach their destinations? have I got enough food? will there be something healthy for me too eat? what am I going to wear? do I have something that fits? two things that fit and go together? will it be flattering? why am I still awake? why can't I get to sleep? if I don't get to sleep soon the kids will be getting up? should I get up and do something instead of lying here worrying about being awake and not asleep? what is the time anyway? ..... and so it went on ..... anyway I probably got to sleep about midnight and then was up at 3 and then M snuck into our bed at 6.40am so I did ok in the sleep department but I am a bit tired now ..... did I tell you I hate Christmas Eve?

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Scrappydo said...

I hate some of those aspects too! But this year, I was just too tired and fell asleep just fine - phew!!
Plus we had great company for the afternoon :) Hope your day was good, and ctach up with you soon.