Sunday, 23 January 2011

Craft Room - Before

Here are some UGLY photos of my craft room AKA Downstairs, AKA My Studio, AKA The Craft Cave

The first pic is along the length of my desk - not that you can see the surface of the desk in any of these shots. At the far end there are two bookcases on their sides for storage and the PILES of stuff come up almost as high as the first set!!!!

The second pic is from the doorway - I should have pulled the chair out so we could have a better view of the depth of piles.

The good news is that this photo was taken a couple of days ago and I have spent a few hours trying to sort it out since then. It's not finished yet but I'll post an update when it is.

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Libby said...

Where's the after shot Donna :)