Friday, 28 January 2011

Happy Birthday Sally

It was Sally's birthday last week and I needed a very Special card for such a special person. I had seen this card here and just had to try it out (after gathering my supplies :-) It was lots of fun, not too hard and has such a lovely shimmer in real life that is just looks 'special'.

I even got carried away and did a Sarah Gough and decorated the inside of my card! Pretty tame by Sarah's standards ( I just LOVE her work, and I've met her in person and she is just as lovely!) but a start none the less.
The actual decoration is the flower stamped in the lower left corner - not all the other speckly bits (they are actually bird poop on the outside of our window - YUK TMI I hear you say - I know but those windows are 2 stories up and I can't clean them easily) I was trying to get maximum sunlight to take a nicer photo and that meant some poop - sorry!

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