Monday, 19 January 2009

11 of 12

I was aiming to do "12 of 12" where you take 12 shots on the 12th of the month to scrapbook - well it got off to a bad start when I left the camera at home and then all the photos were all bright and strange. Once I noticed the settings were off I was away laughing as they say but the day was half over and my enthusiasm was waning fast. Anyway I managed to come up with 11 shots that capture a few of the moments of the 12th January 2009.

Sorry they are not in order - blogger was being a trifle difficult :-)

Here is my Huge line full of washing - some days I despair at how much washing 4 people can create - I had no pegs left after this lot!

Sorry for the crap photo - must remember to check the settings when photos look bad - here is the bike loaded onto the car for a bike ride - well the kids are riding and I am jogging after them. This gives me a better workout than me riding - with both kids anyway.Miss 6 fell off her bike right at the end of the ride and grazed her elbow - she had stopped screaming by the time I jogged up.
After the ride we went to the library for some new books - we really only get the chance in the holidays so we make the most of it.

Pizza for tea - homemade by me - Hawaiian with peppers.
Here is my tasty plate of dinner - pizza and salad, with beetroot - Yum!
I started to clean out the chest freezer. It was well overdue but very satisfying to have done the job now. I did find food in there from 2005 - oooh yuk!
We went to pick up Cameron's new glasses - much like his old ones but with green frames - and a white case!!!!
And if I can't find my kids this is where they will be - sitting somewhere, reading
This is the back door to the gym which I am using at the moment as I can only go at night once Hubby gets home.

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Scrappydo said...

And for photo number 12 - do a self portrait!! go on, take a pic of yourself :) I was going to ask how you were getting on with this but I forgot when we caught up the other day. Well done on getting them all in.