Friday, 9 January 2009


Well here is the Castle Cake and the birthday girl who says she has had a great day!

It started with pancakes for breakfast and then a mystery trip. We went into Wellington by bus and train - we told the kids that now she was 6 it was time for her to earn her keep and she was starting work :-)

She didn't fall for that but still didn't really know what was up ... we walked to Te Papa and wandered around there including seeing the Colossal Squid which was quite interesting and lots of the other fun stuff at "Our Place."

We came home and she had a better look at her gifts (lots of craft supplies - like mother, like daughter :-) and opened her mail and then we went out to tea to her choice of restaurant - Valentines - and then I have just packed her off to read for a while - she got 3 new books all with a Ballet theme so she's got plenty to keep her going for a week or so.

Don't look too closely at the cake - the weather was so hot yesterday that it was very hard to get the icing to stick where I wanted it to. Turns out the birthday girl doesn't like butter icing anyway - could have saved myself some bother. Next year I might try an ice cream cake (or can you still buy them from the supermarket?) Hmmmmm.


Rachael Knight said...

Cool cake Donna! I wish I could decorate cakes like that, but I think I'll stick to cards... they're less fattening!

Yes, you can still buy Ice Cream cakes in the supermarket :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment, I appreciate it!

Scrappydo said...

That looks like an awesome cake!! I would have helped you finish it you know ;)