Monday, 26 January 2009

Out of the mouths of babes …

Yesterday it was our Wedding Anniversary – 12 years – where has the time gone?

Anyway, Miss 6 had been thinking all day about Anniversaries and getting married and how many weddings she’d been to ….. and then she got to making. She loves making gifts and cards for people (who often don’t ever receive them – it’s the process not always the product for her). She worked away for a while and kept saying “Don’t look, this is a surprise for you”

We all went out to dinner and at dinner she presented me with this image

badge she had found and written my name on. Turns out she had made one for her Dad too but he’d received his earlier.

I guess it says a lot – on lots of different levels – her generosity, creativeness and loving heart, but on  a much deeper level it speaks to me about the commitment (perfect attendance) needed to achieve 12 years of marriage and that you have to attend, to “be there” everyday – you can’t get this far by just turning up a couple of times a week.

Here’s to another 12 years (and more) of married life and to lots more “Perfect Attendance”

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WendyP said...

how wonderful and yes its certainly true what you have said about the perfect attendance in a marriage - happy anniversary and heres to many more years !!