Monday, 26 January 2009

Weight Loss

I read this tonight on Marelle Taylor’s Blog and thought it so good I had to share it. I think I’ll have to ponder this some more.


“I used to think Weight-loss was a place, and that if I could only get there, then I would be happy. Well, I've walked the long road, and found that there is no place, just a long, long road that never fact it's not even a road, it's an escalator going down, when you want to go up. You put on weight by simply standing still. To stay in the same spot, you have to keep moving, and if you want to actually want to get anywhere, then you have to go twice as fast. No wonder so many people give up, or get where they want to be, and then slide straight back down again. There's no easy way to move yourself up that escalator, you have to eat well and move a lot! I think the trick is finding ways to make moving up the escalator more fun. Sometimes I have to let myself slide down a step or two, to give myself the energy to keep on moving up again....”

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Michelle said...

Hi Donna - what a laugh. Absolutely true!! Here's the link to the box I had on my blog..
Enjoy it - and make sure you post a picture on your blog of it when you are done!
Thanks for visiting.