Monday, 5 January 2009

Birthday Cakes

I am busy trawling the internet to find a simple cake design for Miss 5 (who becomes Miss 6 on Friday) Now she is really into dressing up and last year had a princess party so I thought I might try to do a castle this year. She is not having a party this year - much to her disgust! - so I hope a nice cake might placate her somewhat.

One reason she is not getting a party this year is that we have 3 birthdays, a wedding anniversary AND Valentines day in January and February - hot on the heels of Christmas and all the excitement that brings.
Added to that is that my husband is a Leap Day baby so he only gets a party every 4 years and last year was one of those years! And she was 5 last year so got a party as it was a BIG birthday and poor Mister 7 missed out (which he took so well at the time but has been dropping hints for a few months now about his party ... we'll have to see about that - more than one 8 year old running around the house might be too much for this old girl!)

I'll take pictures and let you know.....

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