Friday, 23 January 2009

12 of 12


Kelly challenged me to take a self portrait for my 12th shot for the January 12 of 12 page – I don’t think this was quite what she had in mind but seeing as a self portrait captures the essence of you then this sums me up nicely!

This is my GirlGuide bracelet they released in late 2007 as advertising for the launch of the new brand and uniform in 2008. I have worn it everyday since I got it much to DH disgust – he’d like it to fall off or something. I must say I don’t even notice that it is there anymore but I wear it to show my pride in GirlGuiding. Now if they had a nice bracelet as part of the new uniform range I’d be in – well it would be top of my birthday wish list anyway.


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Scrappydo said...

LOL!! Nope, that wasn't quite what I was meaning - but good for you!!!! See, there you have the 12 pics done for this month. Just include one of yourself every month and you'll be well on teh way to getting it done :)