Thursday, 8 January 2009


Here is the lunch I made for the kids today - at Miss (only 12 hours till she turns 6)'s request.
She wanted Santa - yes we all know its been two weeks since Christmas but when you are
her age you need to make the most of it :-)
Now both faces had to different because both kids don't like the same stuff - of course cos that would be too easy for a Mum - this keeps me on my toes!

Anyway I thought they looked too cute not to share.

...and on the cute note Miss almost 6 said the funniest thing last night. I was debating my chances of going for a bike ride because I am having gym withdrawls (it is so bad I am even dreaming about the gym!). But I said that I also wanted to do the grocery shopping so M said "just take a back pack" - suggesting that I could bring the shopping home on my bike - I just burst out laughing
#1 We live on a VERY steep hill
#2 I have only had a bike again for a few months and am not yet hill fit (nor do I plan to be for that matter)
#3 This was to be a weekly shop for a family of 4 that usually fills half our cars boot space

Luckily she could see how her suggestion was really a bit too funny so I decided to go to the Supermarket instead of the bike ride - maybe tonight... Just remembered that I have much more important stuff to do tonight - decorate a castle birthday cake!!! Hopefully I'll have photos tomorrow.

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